Beerstitution Volume 7: WHEAT


On Wednesday April 1st, with summer right around the corner, or the corner past that, there was no better time than to learn about some summertime brews in the form of wheat beers. Wheat beer can be put into two main varieties, the Belgian styled witbier or white beer, and German wheat beer known as weizen.

Witbier gets its name from the suspended wheat and yeast proteins that give it a hazy or white look. It is descended from medieval beers that were not brewed with hops but were flavoured and preserved with spices and plants known as gruit. Today these beers are mostly flavoured with coriander, orange, bitter orange and hops.

German wheat beer or weizenbier, is a beer style originating in Bavaria in which a minimum of 50% of the malted barely is replaced with malted wheat. Due to the use of specialized yeasts as well as the wheat, typical flavours of weizenbiers include clove, medicinal, smoky, banana (amyl acetate), bubble gum, and vanilla. There are several styles of weizenbier, which include the classic Hefeweizen (“yeast wheat”), a filtered version called Kristallweizen (“crystal wheat”) and Dunkelweizen (“dark wheat”).


Dogfish Head Namaste – Daniel W.
A Belgian style witbier made with dried organic orange slices, fresh-cut lemongrass and coriander. Dogfish Head, one of the leading breweries of the American Craft Brew scene, was founded by Sam Caglione, AKA “The Dogfather of brewing”.

“Smells like the morning after like when you lick the floor” – Corey P.
BRST° Rating: 3/5

Pit Caribou: Hop Weizen – Corey P.

A wheat beer with added hops that has fruitier and spicier flavours.
This beer was very hoppy and was IPAish in flavour, which downplayed the wheaty flavour. A lot of grapefruit notes. More of an IPA than a weizen.

John was not able to open the beer with the bottle opener provided by Corey.
BRST° Rating: 4/5

Krombacker: Weizen – John M.

Strong banana flavour.

“I taste the banana chips in the after mouth” – anon
BRST° Rating: 3/5

A La Fût: Dunkel Weizen – Genvieve L.

Flavour reminiscent of banana bread. Typical banana notes mixed with a more pronounced sweetness as well as a maltiness. Caramel of colour and flavour. Slightly more bitter than the previous beers.

BRST° Rating: 3.5/5

NOTE: It was at this point that Corey decided that IBU should now be known as Owl’s Cry.

Hacker Pschorr: Weisse – Richard K.

Very smooth and refreshing flavour. Very much a summer beer. Notes of vanilla.

“There’s a lot of head tonight” – unknown
BRST° Rating: 3.42/5

Trou Du Diable: Shawinigan Handshake – Phil T.

A spicier weizen, with flavours of brioche, banana and pine.

“The missing spice girl peed in my mouth, yeasty spice” – Corey
BRST° Rating: 4.2/5

Trois Mousquetaires: Weizenboch – Chris S.

There will be no description of this beer. The comments alone should suffice.

“Smells like anus ____.”
“Smells like a beeriod.”
“Tastes like cock syrup.”
“Only redeeming quality is 10.5%.”
“I would drink this in the winter in a snow bank with Kenny Rogers.”
BRST° Rating: 1.5

Beerstitutioneer | Guess | Actual

  • Daniel W. | Hopweizen| Hopweizen
  • Genvieve L.| Hacker – Pschorr| Namaste
  • John M.| Namaste| Namaste
  • Phil T. | Krombacher | A la fut
  • Richard K | Weizenboch | Hacker – Pschorr
  • Chris S. | Hopweizen | Shawinigan Handshake
  • Corey P. | Krombacher | Hacker – Pschorr

Beerstitutioneer | Favourite | Sessionable | Surprise

  • Daniel W. | Shawinigan Handshake | Namaste | Weizenboch
  • Genvieve L. | Hopweizen | Namaste | Shawinigan Handshake
  • John M. | Hopweizen | Krombacher | A la fut
  • Phil T. | Shawinigan Handshake | Krombacher | Weizenboch
  • Richard K | Shawinigan Handshake | Hacker – Pschorr | A la fut
  • Chris S. | Hopweizen | Hopweizen | Weizenboch
  • Corey P. | Hopweizen | Namaste | Hopweizen

Favourite – Pit Caribou: Hopweizen
Most Sessionable – Dogfish Head: Namaste
Surprise – Les Trois Mousquetaires: Weizenboch

The fact that Les Trois Mousquetaires Weizenboch was the surprise should not be taken as a positive neither for the brewery nor the Beerstitutioneers. Les Trois Mousquetaires has failed to garner any support from Beerstitution over the first 7 iterations and has henceforth been banned from future events until further notice.

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