Beerstitution Volume 13: BEAU’S OKTOBERFEST


October 3rd past was the 7th edition of the famous Beaus Oktoberfest out in Vankleek Hill, Ontario and was attended by almost 20,000 beer lovers. For those of you that don’t know Beaus, it’s a fast-growing craft brewery from just over the Québec/Ontario border that brews incredible, unique, entertaining and very well designed organic beers. They often team up with other brewers and breweries and produce some of the greatest beer to ever go in my face. A perennial powerhouse here at Beerstitution, we love Beaus. I personally became addicted to them when I read this piece in the Canadian Beer News explaining how they were paying it forward to help another local brewery expand.

Now, this was my first experience at the Beaus Oktoberfest, and I feel like I have missed out on 6 of the greatest days of my life. The event had everything that an Oktoberfest should have and everything it had was done with the usual Beaus excellence (Canadian Geographic agrees) Here are a few of the highlights for me:

  • Beaus Beer everywhere: The Beaus beer taps were flowing generously in so many places that you’d hit one with a fart in a fan factory. No matter when I wanted, or what I wanted, they had me covered.
  • Cask House: This is where the real magic happened. If memory served, every hour they’d ring the bell and a new beer or few would be available. They had this glorious tableau featuring all of these wonderful cask beers, from all over the world, waiting to be poured all up into yer grill. One in particular blew my face off its hinges due to nostalgia and that was PUNK IPA from Scotland’s BrewDog brewery.It’s now available at the LCBO so please try it. It’s kinda glorious.
  • School of Bock: I signed up for the School of Bock tasting class with the dudes from Gigantic, the one and only Anders Kissmeyer and Matt from Beaus. It was so damn cool to hear Anders speak about his process, to hear Matt recount life at Beaus and to see the dichotomy of the partners in Gigantic (one is what you’d expect, bearded, silent and cool, the other was… very talkative to say the least).
  • Recycling & Composting: Usually these big events (and this was big) are chockfull of shitty disposable plates, cups, cutlery, etc. that pollute the very land used for outdoor events. However, all of the “food stuff” used at Beaus was either recyclable or compostable. There were myriad recycling and composting stations set up everywhere, all throughout the grounds so I was never looking for more than a moment for a bin to drop my stuff into. Every details was genius and hyper-organized!
  • Food: I don’t know how to describe what went in my face during the day (I was there for about 12 hours and ate 3-4 meals), but everything, I mean everything, was glorious. They had the 3 P’s – Pulled pork, poutine, polenta fries, as well as some S’s Schnitzel, sauerkraut, smoked meat, and at least a couple B’s – Baby back ribs, baked beans. Check ça mon Jonny Boy:
  • Games and Music: There were tons of beer-themed midway style games, a skateboard park (more or less) and music from dusk til closing time. Not to mention some boobs for charity.
  • No douchebags: With almost 20,000 people gathered into a chilly field in October, I expected to run into at least few douchenuggets. Turns out that, as far as my experience is concerned, douchebags don’t go to Oktoberfest. Plain and simple. Pretty damn awesome.
  • Bus ride: The bus transportation to and fro Montréal was very well organized, on time and like a personal chauffeur system, save 2 dudes mysteriously sleeping the back.

I tell yah, Beaus Oktoberfest has officially found a perennial home on my calendar for years to come. I assume camping there would amp up the whole experience but a one day 12 hour beer fest at Beaus is just about as good as it gets!

Join us next year as I’m sure 2016 will see an onslaught of Beerstitutioneers attending once again!


That Guy From Beerstitution


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