Beerstitution Volume 22: ANIMALS

Beer ye, Beer ye!

It’s always hard to find a nice theme.

But one night during insomnia, everything aligned and made perfect sense.
This 21 edition will be articulated around : ANIMALS. Let’s be wild !

Everyone meet at the brand new Dynamo HQ. After a big debate whether we were going to do that in the old small bunker style 1st floor, or in the shiny brand new kitchen on the second floor, a decision was made and the kitchen fût prise d’assault.

The night went well, everyone brought a beer with an animal on the label or in the name.


Brett Bitter — Brett Bitter (brought by Scully)
Le Castor, Rigaud, QC
Tasters’ comments: “Does it taste the beaver ?”
Animal: Castor
BRST° Rating: 3.75/5

Albert 3 le singe de l’espace — Universal (brought by Dave)
Trou du Diable, Shawinigan, QC
Tasters’ comments: “That’s a quickie”
Animal: Monkey
BRST° Rating: 3.05/5

Agnus Dei — IPA Belge (brought by Gen)
La Chouape, Lac-St-Jean, QC
Animal: Lamb
BRST° Rating: 3.45/5

California — American IPA (brought by Corey)
Trèfle Noir, Rouyn-Noranda, QC
Tasters’ comments: “What the name of the product you use to wash the floor ?”
Animal: Bear
BRST° Rating: 2.05/5

Padou — White IPA (brought by Boris)
Microbrasserie Lac St Jean, QC
Tasters’ comments: “What’s the equivalent of a sausage party ? A taco party.”
Animal: Bear
BRST° Rating: 2.95/5

Yakima — IPA (brought by Anna)
Le Castor, Rigaud, QC
Animal: Castor
BRST° Rating: 4.3/5 – WINNER

Une saison en enfer —Rye Saison (brought by Phil)
Brewed by Oshlag for Avant-Garde Brewery, Montréal, QC
Notes: One of the best surprise of the night. Nice packaging, awesome taste, and no one saw that one coming.
Animal: Hyena
BRST° Rating: 3.8/5

Golden Vox —Rye Lagered Ale (brought by Thorne)
Beau’s,Vankleek Hill, On
Animal: Fox
BRST° Rating: 2.85/5

I.P.A. AMÉRICAINE — American IPA (brought by Daniel)
Pit Caribou, Gaspésie, QC
7% ?
Animal: Caribou
BRST° Rating: 3.1/5

La Vache Folle — Milk Stout (brought by Kristen)
Microbrasserie Charlevoix , Quebec, QC
Tasters’ comments: “it’s probably counter-intuitive for a Lactard to deliberately seek a beer with lactose, but beer love doesn’t have to make sense”
Notes: Kristen made us taste that beer with… ice cream in it ! And it was super good, perfect for the desert 🙂
Animal: Cow
BRST° Rating: 3.65/5

Blind taste test

Scully — Fail : Padou
Dave — Success : California
Gen — Fail : Une saison en enfer
Corey — Success : I.P.A Américaine
Boris — Success : Brett Bitter
Anna — Fail : Padou
Phil — Fail : Albert 3 le singe de l’espace
Thorne — Fail : Yakima
Dw — Success : Albert 3 le singe de l’espace
Kristen — Success : Agnus Dei

PS: I have to admit, toes tasting was not that great.

Favourite / Surprise / Sessional

Scully — Brett Bitter / Agnus Dei / Brett Bitter
Dave — Yakima / Golden Vox / Yakima
Gen — Brett Bitter / Agnus Dei / Yakima
Corey — Une saison en enfer / Agnus Dei / Yakima
Boris — Une saison en enfer / Agnus Dei / Yakima
Anna — Yakima / Brett Bitter / Yakima
Phil — Une saison en enfer / Golden Vox / Agnus Dei
Thorne — Une saison en enfer / Agnus Dei / Brett Bitter
Dw — Yakima / Golden Vox / Brett Bitter
Kristen — La Vache Folle / Yakima / Brett Bitter

The winners

Favourite: Une saison en enfer
Surprise: Agnus Dei
Sessional: Yakima
Best BRST° rating or the evening: Yakima

Ce mec de Beerstitution




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