Beerstitution Volume 30: ST-BOCK

Beer Ye! Beer Ye!
So our good ol Beerstitute, Phil, was the host of Volume 30 and he did a bang up job of getting everyone in the drink. So much so it turns out that any notes from the night are very much long gone and disappeared into the forgotten night of stupor and stumbling.

However, the details we do know are as follows:

Theme & Venue:

  • Le Saint-Bock: One of the very first original bars in Montréal to serve up craft and micro brews from all over the world. As well, beer is an ingredient in almost all the food on their menu! They now have bottled distribution of their very own beer in your favourite local deps as well.

Beerstitutioneers Present:

  • Phil
  • Ross
  • Dave
  • Kristen

Winning Beer:

  • Calice | Saint-Bock: A 6.5% American IPA

And with that, I bid adieu to a good, but kind of forgotten, Beerstitution Volume 30.

Til next time!
That Guy from Beerstitution


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