Beerstitution Volume 31: WHEAT FREE

Wheat is a fifth wheel to barley, hops, yeast, and water.  Sure, some people like wheat in their beer, but some people also like to throw citrus slices in there, serve it in a stemmed glass at room temperature, and drink it to wash down their pineapple-topped pizzas.  If you like any of those odious things listed, please keep in mind that was a night where we ate chocolate grilled cheese – so, glass houses and such.

Wheat Free is a wide category and we got to taste quite a range of beers and one “”wine.”” Those double quotes are intentional to try to get you to imagine air quotes while reading it.  Did it work?


With six beersketeers present, we had a varied 6-pack to get through with no two beers being even similar.  We tasted a farmhouse, an oatmeal stout, a saison, a blonde pale ale, a weird Glutenberg pseudo-beer, and an even stranger barely wine.  Here’s how they stacked up.

Le Castor – Farmhouse Houblon – BRSTº rating: 3.7/5
Le Castor – Oatmeal Stout (Anna) – BRSTº rating: 3.6/5
Les Grands Bois – Saison Minuit (Nick) – BRSTº rating: 3.5/5
Grand Allée – Blonde Pale Ale (Sergio) – BRSTº rating: 3.2/5
Glutenberg – Myrcene de Glace (Jones) – BRSTº rating: 3.1/5
Trois Musketeers – Barley Wine (Phil) – BRSTº rating: 2.3/5


Best session: Grand Allée – Blonde Pale Ale
Best Label: Les Grands Bois – Saison Minuit
Biggest Surprise: Les Grands Bois – Saison Minuit




Best Label

A few additional notes on the evening:

  1. There was a lot of grilled cheese consumed, sometimes with chocolate instead of cheese.  Wheat-free bread was available to stay on-theme.
  2. We broke the ice with Stella Artois and Honker’s Ale from the Couche-Tard
  3. Anna gave the beer she brought a 5/5 and it WON
  4. Quote of the night goes to Sergio who said the following about the Trois Musketeers Barley Wine:

… like a roller coaster – you see it from afar and are like… OK.  But then you drink it and are like, whoa.

Like, whoa, indeed.

À bièrtôte!


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