Beerstitution Volume 38: SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE

Beer ye, beer ye! This edition of Beerstitution was an exploration of socially responsible breweries. The clue was to think organic, think cooperative, etc. and wow! did the Beerstitutes ever come through for this one!

In the end we saw all of these amazing things from these amazing breweries:

  • Mill St. with its commitment to reducing waste by screening labels over using paper on the bottles of their organic beers;
  • La Barberie, which boasts being the first worker cooperative brewery in Quebec – 38 worker member co-owners and counting;
  • Beau’s – really, do we really need to further sing the praise of this father-son-started-organic-brewery-turned-worker-coop with their hands in all kinds of community events and charitable initiatives?;
  • Boldwin [New Deal Brewing], a B Corp producing fine organic beer along side their manifesto to minimize ecological footprint, offer exemplary work conditions, support local economy by selecting local producers, be involved in the community, and be an agent of change;
  • Then there’s Collective Arts with its IPA No 4 that runs a contest to license and feature local art on its cans (14,000 works of art submitted and counting!);
  • Le Castor, the Québec Beaus, with it’s harrowing story of workers trained to be timber framers at the peek of the crash in 2008/09, deciding to fuck it! and start a brewing company, offering us some of the finest organic brews around.

Oh yeah, and they all tasted great! Not a lemon in the bunch. Lagers as crisp as a glacial stream; Pale Ale that uncharacteristically exploded with a fruity bouquet; The what-was-it-again-from-Beaus that was a bit violent at first taste, but deliciously sour once the pallet was accustomed; two delicious IPAs both wonderfully fragrant with a variety of hops; and the double IPA which might smell like cigarettes soaked in cold coffee, but damn was it ever smooth and creamy delicious! They even tasted great together in a custom Beerstitution assemblage 😉 *And* to top it all off, the fine folks of Beerstitution stepped up to donate some $$ for Afghan widows in Kabul, which will literally take care of one family of seven for almost half a year!

The Beers:

Mill St. – 100th Meridian [Jones]

“Mill St. It’s a real street, like Degrassi.” (Jones)

“If someone is like ‘Gun to your head, you have to drink a lager!’ This would be it.” (Daniel)

BRSTº Rating: 3.5/5

Beaus – Lamb’s Wool [Kristen]

  • Just learning about Gruits (no Hops, eventually turns to sour), and this is a fun earthy sour fairy beer

“It tastes like a rotten banana.” (Geneva)

BRSTº Rating: 3/5

Le Castor – L’Éclipse IPA Noire [Val]

  • Imperial black IPA is what this is, no doubt! Big bold long lasting – hops and dark fruits. Really quite awesome.

“Le Castor, all their beers are biologique! Even though I don’t like IPAs, I bought an IPA.” (Valérie)

BRSTº Rating: 4/5

Collective Arts – IPA No.4 [Daniel]

  • All good repping in this one – it’s good. Solid IPA! Session session session forever this one.

BRSTº Rating: 3.5/5

Brasserie New Deal – Boldwin AIPA Bio [Corey]

  • This brewery is doing amazing things and this beer is a good rep into AIPA – needs more fruit & less malt but it’s quite good.

“They need new copy on the bottle of the can. Boldwin, changing the world with pleasure. Is that just bad translation?” (Jones)

BRSTº Rating: 3/5

La Barberie – Pale Ale [Geneva]

  • We like our AIPA’s to have bit more Sweet Tart type of thing goin on but some of us found it to be very smooth and VERY sessionable! Others… not so much

“This smells nasty. Really? I thought it smelled festive.” (Kristen and Geneva)

BRSTº Rating: 2/5


Best in Show (points): Le Castor – L’Éclipse IPA Noire

Sessionable: Mill St. Monde – 100th Meridian

Surprise: Beaus – Lamb’s Wool

Favourite Label: Mill St. – 100th Meridian

Blind Test:

Corey –Abject Failure

Kristen – Abject Failure

Daniel –Abject Failure

Valérie – 1st Choice

Jones – 1st Choice

Geneva – Abject Failure

Memorable Quotes:

“1 or 2%? I’d drink that.”

To be engraved on Corey’s tombstone.

“Aren’t you much less bloated tonight than usual?”

Corey – after having explained how to better pour a beer to avoid bloat, as discovered here.

“It takes a long time to rock someone.”

Jones – context unknown

“Tell your friends, especially Roy Moore.”

Daniel – context unknown

“Drink it fast, it’s better.”

Jones on the dessert wine – Nativity Beer by Molson, err, Trou de Diable

‘Til next time!


That Gal from Beerstitution


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