Beerstitution Volume 40: TRIBUTE + CHEVAL BLANC

Beerstitution started a little differently this time, we joined Gen at Tribute to taste some Oshlag product ! Delicious vodka and gin, which led us to a great night at Cheval Blanc and put us in good spirit to rate the beers.


Theme & Venue:

  • Cheval Blanc : A Montreal Classic. Cheap beer, nice staff, good grilled cheese (not as good as the one I make but hey !)
  • No theme again, we like being wild

Beerstitutes Present:

  • Corey
  • Dan
  • Valerie
  • Gen


The Beers:

Napoleon Houblon –  Cheval Blanc – Assemblage – 6.5% 

BRSTº Rating: 4.1/5

Darth Lager – Cheval Blanc – Dark Lager – 6% 

BRSTº Rating: 4/5

Saison du Cheval – Cheval Blanc – Saison / Farmhouse Ale – 6.2% 

BRSTº Rating: 3.9/5

Résinette – Cheval Blanc – Super IPA – 8% 

BRSTº Rating:  4.1/5

Framboise – Cheval Blanc – Sour Raspberry Beer – 5% 

BRSTº Rating: 2.9/5


Best in Show (points): Napoleon Houblon // Résinette !!! 

Until next time!
That Gal from Beerstitution


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