Beerstitution Volume 43 : MUCH WOW DESIGN

Beer ye, beer ye! The name of this edition says it all. The goal : Bring a beer you love the design of, could be the bottle, the label or even the packaging. Something that makes you happy just by looking at it. Even better if it tastes great !

Since by the end of the night, we were a bit tipsy, I forgot to take pictures of all the labels and bottles individually. I therefore thank all the UNTAPPD users who have uploaded pictures !


Each beer got two ratings : one for the design (of course) and one for the taste.

The Beers


Missing from this picture is the Jane Doe #7 and we replace the Titan by Guerrière.

IPA Louvaine

Superpause (IPA Louvaine) – Les Grands Bois – American IPA  – 5%  [Anna]

BRSTº Taste Rating: 3.7/5

BRSTº Design Rating: 3.9/5

Jane doe

Jane Doe #7 – Dunham – Assemblage Brett – 5.7%  [Val]

This beer got 3 perfect score (taste wise ) !! An unanimous favourite, something we rarely see at beerstitution.

BRSTº Taste Rating: 4.6/5

BRSTº Design Rating: 4.3/5

King Cogne

King Cogne – Brasserie Kruhnen – Rye Beer – 6.5%  [Dan]

BRSTº Taste Rating: 2.9/5

BRSTº Design Rating: 2.8/5


Mandrill – MaBrasserie – Saison / Farmhouse Ale – 6%  [Corey]

BRSTº Taste Rating: 3.7/5

BRSTº Design Rating: 4.1/5

Saison du pinacle

Saison du Pinacle – Dunham – Saison / Farmhouse Ale – 6.5%  [Jones]

BRSTº Taste Rating: 4.1/5

BRSTº Design Rating: 4.2/5

Time N Space

Time’N Space – Stone City Ales – IPA – 7.3%  [Nick]

BRSTº Taste Rating: 3.2/5

BRSTº Design Rating: 3.4/5


Réal – Matera Brasseurs Tonneliers – Double IPA – 7.75%  [Phil]

BRSTº Taste Rating: 3.4/5

BRSTº Design Rating: 3.7/5

La Guerrière.PNG

Guerrière – Brasserie Grande Allée – Red Ale – 7.1%   [Kristen]

BRSTº Taste Rating: 2.6/5

BRSTº Design Rating: 2.6/5


The overall winner is JANE DOE #7 

Sessionable beer of the night : IPA Louvain / Mandrill

Surpriseof the night : Jane Doe #7

Some memorables quotes

Anyone knows what “diggity” is and why we wouldn’t want any ? – Jones

It’s nasaly from the back of your throat, like a whisper – Jones


Until next time!
That Gal from Beerstitution



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