Beerstitution Volume 45: PAIRINGS

When you think of beer, what else goes with it? Good friends, your favourite bar, and… a yummy snack to eat with it. If that snack happens to jive with your beer, all the better.

For tonight’s “pairings” Beerstitution, we went high, low, and everywhere in between. It turns out beer is delicious with cheese, fruit, nuts, seafood, and fried crispy things – who knew? Good thing we experimented scientifically to let the world know that food + beer = 💖.


We rated both the beers and the “experience” separately. For official scoring purposes, the top rated beer will go on to represent Vol.45 in our next annual “Byear In Review”, but the glory of the tasting winner will live in our hearts forever.

Let’s get started…


Pit Caribou: Sure #1 + Red Head Oysters from Malpeque Bay, PEI

Salty seawater from PEI oysters + a sour beer. This was also served with a mignonette made from the same sour beer, shallots, vinegar, and roasted black pepper.

Bringer: Nick
Average BRSTº Rating: 3.88
Average “Experience” Rating: 4.44

“I don’t like mignonette… but I like this mignonette.” – Anna


König: Pilsener + MISS VICKIE’S® Original Recipe Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

Anna’s family endearingly calls this the “Russel Mix” after the patriarch of the family who enjoys himself a Pils + Chips on certain exclusive and private occasions.

Bringer: Anna
Average BRSTº Rating: 2.44
Average “Experience” Rating: 3.5

“I have shorts under my dress, so if I flash you…” – Val

LA BITTT À TIBI: Lager Blonde + Le Bocké Cheese

Cheese made with beer + the beer that made it, seems like a good idea. Lots of jokes were also made about the La Bitt from Abitibi 😉

Bringer: Val
Average BRSTº Rating: 2.94
Average “Experience” Rating: 3.72

“I have a gold medal cheese and a gold medal beer.” – Val


Dieu du Ciel! Solstice d’Été aux Framboises + Watermelon Feta Salad

It was so damned hot that Kristen should win just for providing the most refreshing snack. So good on such a steamy day/night.

Bringer: Kristen
Average BRSTº Rating: 3.28
Average “Experience” Rating: 4.22

“I feel like tonight, you could win with ice cubes as the pairing” – Nick

Dunham: Cyclope Iota + Cape Cod Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

Dan forgot to do his homework and scrambled at the last second to make a pairing. And… he hit it out of the park. Salty chips and quality beer is always a winning combination.

Bringer: Dan
Average BRSTº Rating: 3.89
Average “Experience” Rating: 3.56

Dan’s inspiration for his choice was “watching poor suckers sweat while moving last weekend, while I drank beer and ate chips” – Dan


Pit Caribou: Gose IPA + Cow’s Dairy “Avonlea” Cheese from PEI

Corey picked up a delicious aged cheddar from Cow’s on PEI. The little calcium lactate crystals added a wonderful salty umami to it. Paired with the gose beer, it got lots of yummmmms.

Bringer: Corey
Average BRSTº Rating: 3.72
Average “Experience” Rating: 3.56

“My 3 is a moldy 3” – Dan

Dunham: Tropicale IPA + Nuts

Jake’s introduction to his pairing was a parsimonious “Beer … and nuts.” I mean, what more needs to be said, except that the three kinds of nuts from Jean Talon Market were gourmet, roasted, and wonderfully flavoured, and the beer was an inspired choice.

Bringer: Jake and Rachelle
Average BRSTº Rating: 4.06
Average “Experience” Rating: 4.22

“The sweet nuts + tropicale beer is shocking, in an amazing way.” – Nick
“Like seeing your grandmother naked.” – Corey

Pit Caribou: IPA Sure + Melon and Roquette Greens

A wonderful way to wrap up the night, with a refreshing sweet cantaloupe, spicy roquette, and a sour IPA from Pit.

Bringer: Scully
Average BRSTº Rating: 3.33
Average “Experience” Rating: 3.67

And the winner is…

Dunham’s Tropicale which was the clear favourite.

The top pairing was the oysters + sour at 4.44, which barely edged the watermelon salad and the nuts which were both at 4.22.




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