Beerstitution Volume 47: THE BYEAR IN REVIEW IV

Dearly beerloved we are gathered here today to celebrate yet another glorious year passing in the annals of Beerstitution lore.  This makes the 4th installment of the Byear in Review in an unbroken chain of 47 Beerstitutions in a row. They haven’t all been barn burners, some turning into casual drinks in the park or 2 or three souls braving the the cold to raise a glass to make it “official,” to the mayhem that was unleashed at Belgian theme or the unbridled chaos that was Pilsner night.  

We have shared good times, great beers and even better company, forging memories that we have surely forgotten.The breadth of our order has ebbed and flowed as the saisons have passed. At present the roster boasts 38 members, some more “orthodox” than others but as long as there is someone across the table to clink and drink with, Beerstitution lives on in our hearts and livers. – 

Without further adieu, this year’s Byear of the Year Contenders:

  1. Volume 36: Event – Beaus Oktoberfest – Beau’s Four Flowers
  2. Volume 37: DIPA – Microbrasserie Lion Bleu IIPA
  3. Volume 38: Socially Responsible – Le Castor Éclipse IPA Noire
  4. Volume 39: Isle de Garde – Brasserie Dunham Saison Rustique (replaced by Dunham x Naparbier Hemen Eta Han)
  5. Volume 40: Cheval Blanc + Tribute – Napoleon Houblon // Résinette
  6. Volume 41: Tafelbier – Brasserie Auval Bière de Table
  7. Volume 42: MaBrasserie – MaBrasserie Mandrill
  8. Volume 43: Much Wow Design – Brasserie Dunham Jane Doe #7
  9. Volume 44: Beaustitution – Halcyon Barrel House Infinity Mirror
  10. Volume 45: Pairings – Brasserie Dunham Tropicale (sort of, kind of replaced by Boréale IPA du Nord-est)
  11. Volume 46: Vices & Versa – Le Castor Saison Rayée

And without any further further adieu…

Beerstitution Byear in Review IV Grand Champion: Halcyon Barrel House Infinity Mirror*!

*Going by the letter of the law, the winner should be Infinity Mirror as it was actually a beer that won its particular theme but Boréale IPA du Nord-est, the “challenge” beer received the highest score.  Both are therefore elevated to hall of fame status and they controversy will remain to be debated at future Beerstitutions.

Before diving right into the details of things, we must take a moment to acknowledge this year’s award winners and bask in their glory:

  • Cal Ripken Jr (longest streak of Beerstitutions attended): Kristen
  • Keener (most appearances): Val, Kristen, Corey
  • Rookie of the year: Jake!
  • Number of bottles of beers on our wall for Year IV: Conservatively we counted 168, but we’re probably missing a dozen or two from Oktoberfest, especially the CraftHaus.
  • Still banned: Just in case it wasn’t evident, it is, and will be until a brewery starts bottling sewage, St-Arnould that is banned from Beerstitution.

Brasserie Auval: de Table [tafelbier] 4.8%

Anna’s Gaspesian Auval Audyssey -(Consult Anna for details when Kristen and her get back from gettin’ hitched!)

“I love this beer!” – Corey

“Take the skin off…:” – Daniel

“More pungent than the last time.” – Anna

“Brett had matured…he’s all grown up” – Anon

Average BRSTº Rating: 3.75/5

Le Castor: Saison Rayée [saison] 6.0%

“Siri really is a useless c$#t!” – Anna

“Double mullet; party in the back, party in the front!” – Anon

Average BRSTº Rating: 3.75/5

Dunham x Naparbier: Hemen Eta Han [saison] 5.2%

“Tastes like liquid mould” – Geneva

“No aftertaste to follow a ton up front” – Anon

“Stinks like gym socks!” – Marian

Average BRSTº Rating: 3.5/5

Beau’s: Four Flowers [traditional ale] 5.6%

“I smell burnt hair!” – Geneva

“I could drink 1 of these.” – Corey

“I feel like I ate some potpourri” – Also Corey

Average BRSTº Rating: 2.5/5

MaBrasserie: Mandrill [saison] 6.0%

“I thought Brett was that real gym bag shit!” – Geneva

Average BRSTº Rating: 4/5

Boréale: IPA du Nord-est [IPA] 6.0%

There was some controversy regarding the inclusion of this beer… It was not featured at any of the previous year’s Beerstitutions so technically shouldn’t count, but it is just so damn delicious that we included it as a challenge beer. It’s slightly hors-compétition... But since none of us have ever said no to a brew, we were all happy to taste the IPA du Nord-est from Brasseurs du Nord (aka Boréale). This doozie scored an impressive debut! 

Average BRSTº Rating: 4.75/5

Le Castor: Éclipse [IPA noire] 6.8%

“I’d Avon that!…?” – Corey

“This tastes like I am eating a sweater.” – Corey

“Totally soy sauce on the nose.” – Kristen

Average BRSTº Rating: 2.5/5

Halcyon Barrel House: Infinity Mirror [Brett IPA] 6.5%

“Infinity out of 5” – Daniel

Average BRSTº Rating: 4.5/5

Blind Test:

Dave – Abject Failure
Corey – 2nd Attempt
Anna – 1st Attempt
Daniel – Smell only (ooooh, impressive)
Marian – 1st Attempt

Dan scoring Halcyon's Infinity Mirror an INFINITY on 5.

Dan scoring Halcyon’s Infinity Mirror an INFINITY on 5.

Onto year FIVE! 

That Guy from Beerstitution


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