Beerstitution Volume 48: BEERS

Twas a quiet night on the Plateau, when 4 friends decided to meet up to have an October beerstitution since they missed Beau’s oktoberfest (or just can’t remember it).


Dan, Corey, Boris and Val walked in the cold autumn air to a warm and cozy place : Vices & Versa.

They talked, and laughed, and drank, so much that they forgot to take notes about their favorite beers. Lo and behold, some of them had a pretty awesome memory. Before the clock stroke midnight, they were able to put a small list for their fellow beerstitutes :

  • Session : Darling Sweet Brett – Stone city Ales – Ontario – 6.5%
  • Best : Funkadelic – JuxeBox – Quebec – 7.2%
  • Surprise : IPA – Les Trois Mousquetaires – Quebec – 6%
  • Second Surprise : Superpause – Grandbois – Quebec – 5%

In their excitement, they also came with three great ideas for the nights to come :

  • Beerstitution by Brewery – Each month, one brewery.  Then at the end of the year, the top 11 beers of the breweries, once again another to find the best one. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE !
  • Beerstitution Best in Quebec – Find the best beer in Quebec

Til next time

Val, that awesome Beerstitute



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