Beerstitution Volume 53: ALCHEMY (or mixes for the less cool)

An ancient practice shrouded in mystery and practice by the best mages out there, lead to this month’s theme : ALCHEMY.

After months, maybe years of talking about this edition, we finally did it! Instead of trying to turn beer into gold as pure mages would do, we decided to mix beers with … well other drinks, to check if we could improve our beer tasting experience or if beer was better on it’s own.

Welcome to this edition, and please try this at home.

The Mixes

The homemade Assemblage [Corey]

In true beerstitution spirit, what could be better than 2 beers mixed together ?

Ingredients : Double Descente and a Milkshake IPA.

Corey tested all week to find the best assemblage, as a real alchemist should do and it was worth i

BRSTº Rating: 3.5/5    

Redneck Mother [Kristen and Nick]

A misunderstanding give us the chance to taste this amazing mix TWICE!

First one : Oasis grapefruit juice, Crabby’s ginger beer, some gin and a vieux Montréal Blonde – top it with some ginger and add some grapefruit bitter and you are in for a treat !

Second one : Freshly squeezed Grapefruit juice (kuddos to Nick!), Non alcoholic ginger beer, some gin and a blonde beer (can’t remember which one)

The grapefruit juice makes a huge difference in the taste (fresh vs bought).

BRSTº Rating: 3.8/5 for Kristen and 3.5/5 for Nick   

Beergoni [Chris]

A beergoni is exactly what you think : a negroni made with beer !

Ingredients : Sorachi Ace beer (which on is own is delicious), Campari, Vermouth, Gin

Things we learn : it’s better to do a batch all at once because in the end we all tasted something different, as you can see with the different drink color. If it’s a light color you did it right and it tastes amazing… if you have a darker color, just add some beer

It does smell a bit pickelish.

The beer was delicious on it’s own : 3.7/5

BRSTº Rating: 2.9/5  

Skittlebrau [Jones]


To Jones’ credit, he’s been wanting to taste this since he was first invited to beerstitution (thank god he didn’t because I’m not sure he would have been invited again – just kidding)

If you are a fan of the simpson, you know what it is, if not click here

Ingredients : Budweiser and Skittles

How to describe this better than : it’s like cereal milk but with beer.

It was … interesting … to be polite

What we learn : The beer itself was not good BUT the beer soaked skittles were amazing !

BRSTº Rating: 1/5 but 4.6/5 for the idea ! 

Michelada [Val]

A popular drink throught Mexico and Latin america – according to wikipedia

Ingredients : Lime juice, Soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, 1 corona

Definitively not as bad as a Skittlebrau but anything compare to that is good.

Adding more beer makes it better, the fact is we just like beer.

Don’t try to pronounce Worcestershire after more than 2 beers.

I was too shocked by the skittlebrau to even take picture of the Michelada

BRSTº Rating: 2.5/5

There was one winner : Crabby’s. This beer is delicious on its own. Unanimous 5/5 Morale of the story : We just like beer. Beer is good the way it is as simple as it comes, no need to make it fancy. Some memorable quotes from that night :

  • It’s like I was drinking Satan – Corey talking about Boreal Black IPA
  • She’s gonna Valmit – Anonymous but he seems Val wanted to puke
  • Anthony’s triceps are literaly diamonds of gold – Jones talking about Queer eye

Til Next time Val  



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