Beerstitution Volume 54: QUELLE SAISON

Saisons are made to refresh. They’re a brew that was traditionally made with whatever to be drank by whoever. As unpretentious and amiable as you’d find in a lager, but a saison carries a certain joie de vivre: a literal zest for life. It’s just what a Montrealer needs in April to wish the snow away into memory, or better yet – to forget it.


BRSTº WINNER: Benelux + Bob Magnale – Magnalux

It’s sour, it’s refreshing, it squeaked out over Dunham’s Hemen Eta Han and Le Castor’s Saison Rayee to win – all within a half point of each other. Drink any of them! This was really a super tasty lineup that was all over the place in abv and sourness and sweetness and sessionability.  I’d open any of these, any day.

BEST LABEL: Hemen Eta Han


SESSION: Saison des Plages


Quotes of the night:

  • Tommy Lee is still sexy!
  • Why are you so anti-laser!
  • The first ingredient is “orgy.”
  • Salty Thrills is the strip club that’ll open up to compete with GrippinTown in Griffintown.

FUN FACT: Val rated beers in order: 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5… and 5! Crazy! Then 5 again! … and then 2.5 😛


à bieretôt!

Jones (Jonesy)


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