Beerstitution Volume 56: SUMMER IN MY MOUTH

As we know, the arrival of summer in Montreal means the city is gearing up for it’s “other” season. With warmer days arriving, it’s time to crack out some sunny beers. Gose got me thinking of the theme, but there are IPAs, Session ales, fruity beers, lagers, and everything light, fun, and ready for long sunny days.

This session was well attended with both Kristen and Val bringing some newcomers to our ranks. Many fine beers were consumed. Let’s get started.


Brought by: Dave

Hully Gully

Brought by: Kristen

Gose – Glutenburg

Brought by: Malaika

Gose – Loop

Brought by: Corey

Zodiaque du Lac

Brought by: Val

Kiwiberry – Neufrageur

Brought by: Sandra


Brought by: Nick

West Coast Lager – Le Castor

Brought by: Rachel

Foret – Vilains

Brought by: Jones

Days of Being Wild – Young Master

Brought by: Chris




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