Beerstitution Volume 70: Dry Hopped Beers

I’ve always wondered what “dry hopped” beers were and what made them special. Add to that double dry-hopped DDH, and it’s a bit confusing. Well, it turns out it’s not just confusing for me. While researching this month’s Brsto, I discovered that even the brewers can’t align on what these terms mean.

Dry hopped simply means “adding hops to a beer post boil” either during the primary or secondary fermentation. So dry-hopped it pretty well defined, but it turns out there are two common uses of DDH: 1) double the amount of dry hops and 2) dry hopping and two different points during the process. It’s confusing because those are really different uses. But, as one beer critic has astutely said:

“In many ways, DDH has turned into a marketing term. Adding these three letters (DDH) to a beer description can instantly create hysteria among craft beer enthusiasts.”

Well, marketing aside, some of these beers taste damn good – so let’s get to that part of the night!

“Hazy State” by Collective Arts (Nick)
Beautiful labels done in several different styles by artists, this is one of my fav beers of this summer. Had mixed reviews by everyone else.
Score: 3.5

“Megadeth – À TOUT LE MONDE” by Unibroue (Robert)
My friend Robert came to his first Beerstitution and brought this dry hopped beer loved by Dave Mustaine.
Score 3.2

“Life in the clouds” by Collective Arts (Anna)
Another Collective Arts beer with another wonderful label. This was the first one with a really pronounced dry-hop taste and it was very popular.
Score: 3.9

“Punch du Nord DDH” by Boréale (Corey)
Another one of Boréale’s very nice “Episodes” series of beers of which we’ve had a few in the past. Corey loved loved loved this beer (score 5) and it did well across the board.
Score: 3.8

“Katana” by Broadway (Kristen)
The most divisive of all of the beers we had, it scored everything from 0.5 through to 4.5! Despite bringing it herself, Kristen said she would “fart later” given her intolerance for the lactose in the beer. 🤢
Score: 2.9

“Citra+Galaxy” by Wood Brothers (DeWolf)
Chris has a history of bringing some standout beers … but this was not one of them. Mixed reviews.
Score: 3.1

“La Bonne Humeur” by Le Dispensaire (Laine)
Coming late to the game, but pulling no punches, this 8% DDH walloped the competition. Near universal acclaim.
Score: 4.1


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