Beerstitution Volume 75: Kveik

What is Kveik? It’s a traditional yeast from Norway that has super powers! It can ferment at much higher temperatures than normal yeast, yet doesn’t exhibit any of the typical nasty flavors that are typically generated from this risky procedure. Although originally used for farmhouse-style beers, Kveik is now being used to ferment beers as diverse as Weisse and Porters. Tonight we feature four of those varieties to try out a bit of what Kveik has to offer.

For tonight’s Kveik showdown, we have four main contenders:

“Nordicité” by Champs Libre

IPA Kveik. Brassée avec de l’ogre et de l’avoine du Quebec, fermentée avec une levure Kveik.

“Seul et Toi” by Maison Agricole Joy Hill + Epitaphe

Saison belge avec levure kveik

“Minuit” by Estuaire

Kveik de blé aux prunes. Brasserie Estuaire dévoile cette bière de blé fraîche et florale pour préserver le meilleur de l’été.


Kveik blonde, d’inspiration belge, houblonée à cru.

And let’s start!

“Kvasir” by Brasserie Aristinale Gallicus + Epitaphe
Nick: “Light, yummy”
Score: 3.75

“Nordicité” by Champ Libre
Val: “I love it! And I don’t like IPAs…”
Corey: “Soooo juicy”
Score: 4.0

“Seul et Toi” by Maison Agricole Joy Hill + Epitaphe
Anna: “This is … different…”
Val: “I’m glad we’re moving on to something else”
Score: 2.75

“Minuit” by Estuaire
Nick: “OOooooooo”
Corey: “I love, love this label”
Anna: “I feel like I’m having a liquid version of a plum sorbet”
Score: 2.9

And the winners are!

Favorite Beer: Nordicité!

Best Label: 3 way tie! Minuit, Nordicité, Kvasir

Surprise: Seul et Toi and Nordicité

Sessionable: Kvasir by a mile

Jones: “what do you mean you published it already? I’m still going to say hilarious stuff”

Nick: “I’m live-blogging it!”


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