Beerstitution Volume 30: ST-BOCK

Beer Ye! Beer Ye!
So our good ol Beerstitute, Phil, was the host of Volume 30 and he did a bang up job of getting everyone in the drink. So much so it turns out that any notes from the night are very much long gone and disappeared into the forgotten night of stupor and stumbling.

However, the details we do know are as follows: Read More

How To Taste Beer Like a Pro

From our friend Crystal Luxmore over at Beer Sisters (, check out this handy 6 step guide to getting the most out of your beer tastings:

Beerstitution Volume 24: BEAU’S OKTOBERFEST

Again, I will repeat this because it bears repeating – DON’T EVER NOT GO TO THIS!

September 23rd & 24th past was the 8th edition of the famous Beau’s Oktoberfest in Vankleek Hill, Ontario and was attended by almost 20,000 beer lovers. For those of you that don’t know Beau’s, it’s a wonderful, established, entrenched, craft brewery from just over the Québec/Ontario border that brews incredible, unique, entertaining and very well designed organic beers. They often team up with other brewers and breweries and produce some of the greatest beer to ever go in my face (oh, hello Kissmeyer NPA). A perennial powerhouse here at Beerstitution, we remain in love with Beau’s since the very first Beerstitution. Read More

Beerstitution Volume 20: AMERICAN PALE ALE

Beer Ye! Beer Ye!

As my social studies teacher told me back in my mildly misspent youth, “Canadian culture is a mosaic and American culture is a melting pot.”  That is all I remember from that particularly uninspiring educator but it does happen to ring true when I try to nail down where exactly to place American Pale Ales in the continuum of beer styles.  The APA takes its roots from the pale ale styles that were prevalent in the British Isles, and in true American fashion, it was broken down,  injected with some bold all american hop varieties, principally cascade, and emerged an unmistakably American beverage that makes you want stand up and shout, “USA…USA…USA!!” like a drunken frat boy at a college football game.   Read More

Beerstitution Volume 18: TRIPEL

Beer ye! Beer ye!

This time, ‘twas the second Wednesday of the month due to Corey getting sick in the hole of Jackson, a snowstorm and a few last minute dropouts. So, we postponed our hoppy hangout. It was worth it (if I do say so myself)!

The theme for Volume 18 was Tripels – a theme that was decided after I read the following:

Tripels are notoriously alcoholic, and deceptively drinkable. The best crafted ones hide this characteristic quite evil-like and deceivingly, making them “sipping beers.”

‘What could go wrong?’ I thought to myself, as I called BeerAdvocate’s bluff and sent out the invitation for BV18. Read More

Beerstitution Volume 17: SAISON

Beer ye! Beer ye!

So the theme chosen for the 17th occurrence of Beerstitution was the fairly unknown style called Saison.  Farmhouse beers are a fairly new style of beer dating from the late 1800’s when  farmer had to supply beer to their field workers.

Beer Advocate describes saisons  a very complex style,with very fruity aromas and flavors.You can usually find earth yeast tones, and mild to moderate tartness.  Lots of spice and medium bitterness.  They tend to be semi-dry. 

With all the extensive research we did on the style, we were expecting this style to be all over the map, as there is no specific recipe for a saison and it can be brewed with pretty much anything. We were soooo wrong, most beer tasted very close to each other, blind taste was one hell of a challenge at the end of the evening… Read More

Beerstitution Volume 16: AMBER


Upon unpopular demand, the Amber theme was chosen to explore a universal type of beer that no one seemed to like.

To broaden our horizons, we agreed that Amber beers could be anything between a Red Ale and a Brown Lager, so that participants could have a wider variety of beers to choose from.

Considering that the term “Amber” had a short definition, I chose to explore the malting process – mostly responsible for the amber colour – and share my findings with my favorite beer buddies. Read More

Beerstitution Volume 15: BARREL-AGED

Beer ye, Beer ye!

As the holidays wrapped up and the temperatures began to drop, the Beerstitutioners congregated at the agreed upon hour and at the agreed upon place, with the intentions of warming their souls with the latest offerings from their favored brewers.

The Beerstitutioners were warned to prepare themselves for a steady kick in the teeth, as the theme for BV15 was -Barrel-Aged Beers – and it promised to deliver some heavy-hitters. Read More