Beerstitution Volume 73: She’s Stout of my League

As the cold outside was reminding us that winter was indeed coming in 2020, we decided it was the perfect night to taste some stouts. As this was a small edition of beerstitution, our line up was not as impressive as previous stouts themed night but the % of alcohol made up for the lack of diveristy.

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Beerstitution Volume 60: FALL

As fall is setting in, what better way to celebrate my favorite season than to host a Beerstitution in its honor!  As the theme was not to strict, we had the opportunity to try a whole lot of different type of beers, some good, some okay, some terrible (looking at you Ale-O-Ween).  And what’s better to get in the mood than to kick off the night with a grilled cheese bar ?

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Beerstitution Volume 53: ALCHEMY (or mixes for the less cool)

An ancient practice shrouded in mystery and practice by the best mages out there, lead to this month’s theme : ALCHEMY.

After months, maybe years of talking about this edition, we finally did it! Instead of trying to turn beer into gold as pure mages would do, we decided to mix beers with … well other drinks, to check if we could improve our beer tasting experience or if beer was better on it’s own.

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Beerstitution Volume 44: BEAUSTITUION

What’s better for Beerstitutionners than enjoying their favourite beer together? Going to the brewery to enjoy it even more!

Thanks to Geneva, we got the opportunity to host our 44th edition at Beau’s ! For those of you who don’t know Beau’s it’s an amazing micro brewery just 1h from Montreal, totally worth the trip. Just get a designated driver (Thank you Clare and Geneva) and hopped on. Destination : an amazing all natural brewing company, employee owned, certified organic and totally independent, what more can I say to convince you to go !? Read More