Beerstitution Volume 48: BEERS

Twas a quiet night on the Plateau, when 4 friends decided to meet up to have an October beerstitution since they missed Beau’s oktoberfest (or just can’t remember it). Read More


Beerstitution Volume 44: BEAUSTITUION

What’s better for Beerstitutionners than enjoying their favourite beer together? Going to the brewery to enjoy it even more!

Thanks to Geneva, we got the opportunity to host our 44th edition at Beau’s ! For those of you who don’t know Beau’s it’s an amazing micro brewery just 1h from Montreal, totally worth the trip. Just get a designated driver (Thank you Clare and Geneva) and hopped on. Destination : an amazing all natural brewing company, employee owned, certified organic and totally independent, what more can I say to convince you to go !? Read More