Beerstitution Volume 47: THE BYEAR IN REVIEW IV

Dearly beerloved we are gathered here today to celebrate yet another glorious year passing in the annals of Beerstitution lore.  This makes the 4th installment of the Byear in Review in an unbroken chain of 47 Beerstitutions in a row. They haven’t all been barn burners, some turning into casual drinks in the park or 2 or three souls braving the the cold to raise a glass to make it “official,” to the mayhem that was unleashed at Belgian theme or the unbridled chaos that was Pilsner night.   Read More


Beerstitution Volume 33: ASSEMBLAGE

Beer Ye! Beer Ye!

So this theme was the idea of our newest member – Laurent. However, it should be noted that he and I began assembling beers 2 years ago whilst winter cottaging together. We mixed many a beer that year and loved the experiments, so it only felt right to taste some Assemblages made by the pros!

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Beerstitution Volume 15: BARREL-AGED

Beer ye, Beer ye!

As the holidays wrapped up and the temperatures began to drop, the Beerstitutioners congregated at the agreed upon hour and at the agreed upon place, with the intentions of warming their souls with the latest offerings from their favored brewers.

The Beerstitutioners were warned to prepare themselves for a steady kick in the teeth, as the theme for BV15 was -Barrel-Aged Beers – and it promised to deliver some heavy-hitters. Read More