Beerstitution Volume 15: BARREL-AGED

Beer ye, Beer ye!

As the holidays wrapped up and the temperatures began to drop, the Beerstitutioners congregated at the agreed upon hour and at the agreed upon place, with the intentions of warming their souls with the latest offerings from their favored brewers.

The Beerstitutioners were warned to prepare themselves for a steady kick in the teeth, as the theme for BV15 was -Barrel-Aged Beers – and it promised to deliver some heavy-hitters. Read More

Beerstitution Volume 10: IMPERIAL

Beer Ye! Beer Ye!

The 10th instalment Beerstitution happened to fall on that most patriotic of days in Canada…well…Canada Day, or moving day if you live in la belle province. The day broke with torrential rains that showed no signs of stopping, putting a great big kibosh on the planned outdoorstitution. The event being moved indoors and a last minute marketing blitz kept many Beerstitutioneers away from their tasting mugs on the day, but a few intrepid souls, in true Voyageur fashion strapped on their moccasins hopped in their birch barks and paddled down to the flooded streets of St. Henri. Read More