Beerstitution Volume 75: Kveik

What is Kveik? It’s a traditional yeast from Norway that has super powers! It can ferment at much higher temperatures than normal yeast, yet doesn’t exhibit any of the typical nasty flavors that are typically generated from this risky procedure. Although originally used for farmhouse-style beers, Kveik is now being used to ferment beers as diverse as Weisse and Porters. Tonight we feature four of those varieties to try out a bit of what Kveik has to offer.

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Beerstitution Volume 34: ABQ – Anything But Québec

The reason that I chose the theme of anything but Quebec was kind of two pronged… on one hand I had just gotten back from a trip to Alberta and seen the wonders of what a privatized liquor framework can offer in terms of selection from outside one’s own backyard. It was a nice experience to see craft beers from the west coast of the US, neighboring British columbia and other beers from across Canada nestled right next to Alberta’s offerings.

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Beerstitution Volume 26: PIT CARIBOU (and the Best of Le Gaspésie)

It turns out that when you transplant a Gaspésienne brewery from Percé to Montreal, it picks up a (big) handful of hipsters and a confusingly modern social bathroom layout, and yet it’s still, to the bone, a wonderfully social and deliciously stocked emporium of beers and people. I was nervous to alter Beerstitution’s tried-and-tested model of BYOB, yet it felt safe to hand the reins to the Pit barkeep to supply us with a planche of beers to sample. Read More

Beerstitution Volume 20: AMERICAN PALE ALE

Beer Ye! Beer Ye!

As my social studies teacher told me back in my mildly misspent youth, “Canadian culture is a mosaic and American culture is a melting pot.”  That is all I remember from that particularly uninspiring educator but it does happen to ring true when I try to nail down where exactly to place American Pale Ales in the continuum of beer styles.  The APA takes its roots from the pale ale styles that were prevalent in the British Isles, and in true American fashion, it was broken down,  injected with some bold all american hop varieties, principally cascade, and emerged an unmistakably American beverage that makes you want stand up and shout, “USA…USA…USA!!” like a drunken frat boy at a college football game.   Read More