Beerstituion Volume 59: THE BYEAR IN REVIEW V

Our fifth, FIFTH, BYEAR IN REVIEW! Wow… how far we’ve come… well not really, I mean we’re only in St Henri, but still! This was the 5th annual review of the monthly Beerstitutions and the 59th volume overall. What a sweet little gang of beer rascals we’ve built here!

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Beerstitution Volume 58: DIEU DU CIEL

Beer Ye! Beer Ye!

With many happenings abound as the summer comes to a close, we chose the Microbrasserie Dieu du ciel on Laurier in Montréal to host our 58th volume. The theme was simply – taste many offerings and vote on your favourite! Sounds easy enough… but man oh man, does DDC make a plethora of great beers!

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Beerstitution Volume 47: THE BYEAR IN REVIEW IV

Dearly beerloved we are gathered here today to celebrate yet another glorious year passing in the annals of Beerstitution lore.  This makes the 4th installment of the Byear in Review in an unbroken chain of 47 Beerstitutions in a row. They haven’t all been barn burners, some turning into casual drinks in the park or 2 or three souls braving the the cold to raise a glass to make it “official,” to the mayhem that was unleashed at Belgian theme or the unbridled chaos that was Pilsner night.   Read More

Beerstitution Volume 26: PIT CARIBOU (and the Best of Le Gaspésie)

It turns out that when you transplant a Gaspésienne brewery from Percé to Montreal, it picks up a (big) handful of hipsters and a confusingly modern social bathroom layout, and yet it’s still, to the bone, a wonderfully social and deliciously stocked emporium of beers and people. I was nervous to alter Beerstitution’s tried-and-tested model of BYOB, yet it felt safe to hand the reins to the Pit barkeep to supply us with a planche of beers to sample. Read More

Beerstitution Volume 17: SAISON

Beer ye! Beer ye!

So the theme chosen for the 17th occurrence of Beerstitution was the fairly unknown style called Saison.  Farmhouse beers are a fairly new style of beer dating from the late 1800’s when  farmer had to supply beer to their field workers.

Beer Advocate describes saisons  a very complex style,with very fruity aromas and flavors.You can usually find earth yeast tones, and mild to moderate tartness.  Lots of spice and medium bitterness.  They tend to be semi-dry. 

With all the extensive research we did on the style, we were expecting this style to be all over the map, as there is no specific recipe for a saison and it can be brewed with pretty much anything. We were soooo wrong, most beer tasted very close to each other, blind taste was one hell of a challenge at the end of the evening… Read More