Beerstitution Volume 46: VICES ET VERSA

Tonight’s Beerstitution was spearheaded by Val, the only person organized enough to prompt us to schedule something. Considering that Val is surely in line for 2018’s Cal Ripkin Jr. award, one might wonder whether this eagerness was somewhat self-serving. But who cares! Beer was had.

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Beerstitution Volume 42: MABRASSERIE

This months instalment brought us to Mabrasserie, a beer cooperative in Rosemont.  They produce a couple of their own beers and share their space with a couple of other microbreweries as well.  Our evening took place in their tasting room, where they had a nice selection of about 30 beers for us to sample and a simple but delicious menu.  On your way out the door don’t forget to hit up their boutique to take home some of the delicious beers that are made right on site!.

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Beerstitution Volume 41: TAFELBIER

“Table beer”, or that time no one wanted to host, I had by some miracle accrued a boxful of Auval’s Bière de table, and Kristen and I redefined tafelbier as: “A beer you would have as a normal weekday dinner beer, or what you drink while doing woodworking. Both are equally valid.” It really worked out beautifully, despite a few odd choices.

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Beerstitution Volume 14: CHRISTMAS

Ho ho ho, Merry Beer!

Wow, what are the odds we decide to make Beerstitution Vol. 14 in December a Christmas beer theme? Crazy, I know right?

Attendees of the event were the magnificent seven: Lauren, Chris T., Dave, Phil B., Gen, Dan and John — a solid line up with serious depth when it comes to BV attendance and performance. Oh ya, and Phil T. showed up late, classic Phil. Love that guy. On a side note, this event was Lauren’s last BV with us in Montréal. Beer ye, Beer ye to you, Lauren. We appreciate you being the second female of the group. And remember, you’re a BV member and friend for life! You’ll be missed 😉

We had all carolled the classics and baked shortbread cookies beforehand, so we were more than ready to sip some malty and spicy beer nog. Read More

Beerstitution Volume 11: SESSION


Twas Wednesday August 5th when oldies and newbies collided into a Beluga’s mouth only to realize that we had no idea what Session meant prior to choosing our beers. We did, however, manage to have an amazing evening with mouths full of glory. When presenting the theme “Session” to everyone prior, I told them that they should just bring their favourite beer to session. Then I went to work on educating myself what in the h-e-double hockey sticks “Session” really meant. As you can see from the image below, I probably should have waited until post-research to announce to everyone. Read More