Beerstitution Volume 63: OSHLAG

On an unseasonably warm January night, Nick, Corey, Laurent, Scully and Val said YES To Gen’s invite to visit the Oshlag brewery, take a little tour and have a little party inside the brewery! Well, let me tell you – it was awesome, eye-opening and chock full of wonderful beers! Read More

Beerstituion Volume 59: THE BYEAR IN REVIEW V

Our fifth, FIFTH, BYEAR IN REVIEW! Wow… how far we’ve come… well not really, I mean we’re only in St Henri, but still! This was the 5th annual review of the monthly Beerstitutions and the 59th volume overall. What a sweet little gang of beer rascals we’ve built here!

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Beerstitution Volume 58: DIEU DU CIEL

Beer Ye! Beer Ye!

With many happenings abound as the summer comes to a close, we chose the Microbrasserie Dieu du ciel on Laurier in Montréal to host our 58th volume. The theme was simply – taste many offerings and vote on your favourite! Sounds easy enough… but man oh man, does DDC make a plethora of great beers!

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Beerstitution Volume 42: MABRASSERIE

This months instalment brought us to Mabrasserie, a beer cooperative in Rosemont.  They produce a couple of their own beers and share their space with a couple of other microbreweries as well.  Our evening took place in their tasting room, where they had a nice selection of about 30 beers for us to sample and a simple but delicious menu.  On your way out the door don’t forget to hit up their boutique to take home some of the delicious beers that are made right on site!.

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Beerstitution Volume 27: STOUTS

Beer ye, Beer ye!

As it’s winter and it’s freezing, I suggested a Stout tasting to warm our souls.

We all met at PeopleLikeUs office aka Dynamo’s old office in the Old Port. The grill cheese machine and espresso machine were brought upstairs and BRST stickers were distributed, making this night unforgettable.

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Beerstitution Volume 4: PORTER & STOUT

Beer ye, beer ye!

Après le succès retentissant du volume 3, le volume 4 était attendu de pied ferme. En raison d’un agenda des fêtes très chargé, nos compères les Beerstitutioneers™ ont réussi à obtenir une dérogation spéciale pour déplacer le traditionnel premier mercredi du mois et se sont retrouvés le 14 janvier 2015 dans le vieux Montréal.

En ce mois de janvier glacial, le thème choisi par Boris était les Porter & Stout.
Quoi de mieux pour se réchauffer l’âme et le corps.

Nous étions 10 Beerstitutioneers™ pour ce volume et malgré un questionnement sur la diversité des saveurs que nous allions déguster, toutes les bières avaient leur caractère bien à elle. Read More