Beerstitution Volume 23: THE BYEAR IN REVIEW II

Beer year! Beer year!

Once again, to cap off a big Byear, we had our annual Byear In Review on September 7th at my co-hosts Dave’s beautiful bushy backyard bliss in the rolling countryside of St. Henri. Here’s the recap of our Byear Two anniversary event, our twenty-third Beerstitution Volume! Read More


Beerstitution Volume 18: TRIPEL

Beer ye! Beer ye!

This time, ‘twas the second Wednesday of the month due to Corey getting sick in the hole of Jackson, a snowstorm and a few last minute dropouts. So, we postponed our hoppy hangout. It was worth it (if I do say so myself)!

The theme for Volume 18 was Tripels – a theme that was decided after I read the following:

Tripels are notoriously alcoholic, and deceptively drinkable. The best crafted ones hide this characteristic quite evil-like and deceivingly, making them “sipping beers.”

‘What could go wrong?’ I thought to myself, as I called BeerAdvocate’s bluff and sent out the invitation for BV18. Read More