Beerstitution Volume 54: QUELLE SAISON

Saisons are made to refresh. They’re a brew that was traditionally made with whatever to be drank by whoever. As unpretentious and amiable as you’d find in a lager, but a saison carries a certain joie de vivre: a literal zest for life. It’s just what a Montrealer needs in April to wish the snow away into memory, or better yet – to forget it. Read More

Beerstitution Volume 31: WHEAT FREE

Wheat is a fifth wheel to barley, hops, yeast, and water.  Sure, some people like wheat in their beer, but some people also like to throw citrus slices in there, serve it in a stemmed glass at room temperature, and drink it to wash down their pineapple-topped pizzas.  If you like any of those odious things listed, please keep in mind that was a night where we ate chocolate grilled cheese – so, glass houses and such. Read More

Beerstitution Volume 7: WHEAT


On Wednesday April 1st, with summer right around the corner, or the corner past that, there was no better time than to learn about some summertime brews in the form of wheat beers. Wheat beer can be put into two main varieties, the Belgian styled witbier or white beer, and German wheat beer known as weizen. Read More