Beerstitution Volume 32: SURF STYLE

I cheated a little with tonight’s theme. My good friend Geoff Gibson is both the coolest guy on earth™ and a really talented artist. What does all this have to do with beer? Well, it turns out Stone City Ales in Kingston asked him to do a label for them, which he totally did.

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Beerstitution Volume 26: PIT CARIBOU (and the Best of Le Gaspésie)

It turns out that when you transplant a Gaspésienne brewery from Percé to Montreal, it picks up a (big) handful of hipsters and a confusingly modern social bathroom layout, and yet it’s still, to the bone, a wonderfully social and deliciously stocked emporium of beers and people. I was nervous to alter Beerstitution’s tried-and-tested model of BYOB, yet it felt safe to hand the reins to the Pit barkeep to supply us with a planche of beers to sample. Read More