Beerstitution Volume 75: Kveik

What is Kveik? It’s a traditional yeast from Norway that has super powers! It can ferment at much higher temperatures than normal yeast, yet doesn’t exhibit any of the typical nasty flavors that are typically generated from this risky procedure. Although originally used for farmhouse-style beers, Kveik is now being used to ferment beers as diverse as Weisse and Porters. Tonight we feature four of those varieties to try out a bit of what Kveik has to offer.

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Beerstitution Volume 5: QUEBEC

Beer ye, beer ye!

The date was February 4th, 2015 and Montreal had been graced a one-day reprieve from temperatures somewhere between “glacial” and “heat death of the universe.” To celebrate a quintessentially Québecois February, seven brave Beerstitutioneers and one acolyte met in the rarified air of Mile Ex to celebrate la belle province’s burgeoning beer industry. Read More