For those of you that require a little note on wtf the Beerstitution is, voilà:
  • Institutionalized monthly beer-tasting session occurring on the first Wednesday of every month @ 7:30pm for the rest of your life;
  • Different host, different beer style every month (loosely based on this list from BA);
  • Host is responsible to open the event with a short educative note on the style of beer they have chosen for their event. This can be purely verbal, or with a slideshow, or with dancing gorillas burning from the kneecaps;
  • Each participant is responsible for bringing enough of their chosen beer to satisfy all mouths. Let’s aim for about 2 ppl / regular bottle (341ml) .:. each person should bring approximately 170ml per participant of their chosen beer;
  • Location & time chosen by the host;
  • Host is responsible to notify the participants of the # of participants so that the participants can bring enough beer for the other participants. Participate! Woo hoo! This notification should be sent ahead of time, with enough time for participants to purchase their beer and you, as the host, to not be perceived as an asshole;
  • Glassware option is chosen by the host. In theory, it’s probably best practice for each person to bring their favourite glass to each event (so that the host is not encumbered with a plethora of glasses to buy/prep/wash/etc);
  • Food option is chosen by the host. Meaning, as the host, if you want to provide food, great, if not, great…
  • At each event, we will choose the next month’s host.

As the host of a Volume of Beerstitution, you have the right to make executive decisions on the following elements:
  1. Beer Style: IPA, Pilsener, Irish Stout, etc (meaning each person needs to bring a beer in this style);
  2. Glassware: Tell the participants if you have enough glasses or if they need to bring their own;
  3. Food: You may decide to cook up some of grandma’s chilli, order pizza, or provide snacks.. or nothing at all. Since the event begins at 7:30, participants may very well eat before;
  4. Beer Selection: The host will create a Google Doc and send to all participants to fill in (example? – click this link). The hope is that participants will avoid duplicating someone else’s choice. The host will be curating this list to ensure there are no duplicates;
  5. Bières & Plaisirs: It is the responsibility of the Host to offer each participant a copy of the Bières & Plaisirs Monthly Newspaper… provided they can find it. The host must put in an honest effort to locate as many as needed for that month’s amount of participants.