Beerstitution Volume 76: NON-ALCOHOLIC / NA / ALCOHOL FREE / 0.5% / NEARBEER

With being in the midst of a dry quarter to kick off this new year, I’ve been dabbling, nay, soaking, in all of the NA beer I can find around me. I must admit that there are way more than I had thought and there may even be upwards of 40 different NA IPA’s alone here in Montréal! To celebrate, and share, my new found fondness for NA craft beer, I decided to host an alcohol-free Beerstitution… much to the chagrin of just about everyone else.

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Beerstitution Volume 75: Kveik

What is Kveik? It’s a traditional yeast from Norway that has super powers! It can ferment at much higher temperatures than normal yeast, yet doesn’t exhibit any of the typical nasty flavors that are typically generated from this risky procedure. Although originally used for farmhouse-style beers, Kveik is now being used to ferment beers as diverse as Weisse and Porters. Tonight we feature four of those varieties to try out a bit of what Kveik has to offer.

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Beerstitution Volume 74: MONSREGIUS

I’ve long enjoyed the many beers that this Saint-Bruno based microbrewery has been putting out, especially their IPA Omnia. I decided to celebrate them by hosting Volume 74 dedicated just to them. So far, all the beers I’ve had from this brewery have been great and since I haven’t had all of them yet, I wanted an excuse to explore s’more! It also feels like these guys fly under the radar a bit so I wanted to learn more about them and their Beer!

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Beerstitution Volume 72: BYEAR IN REVIEW VI

Yet another Year of Beer in the books and wow… what a year! Just like everyone else in the world, we pivoted due to COVID-19 and hosted quite a few Volumes over Zoom, or socially distanced in a park, but we kept on trucking. I for one am grateful for this gang of acolytes, and especially this year amidst uncertainty, unease and stress – Beerstitution was a monthly break of joy, humour and great beer!

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Beerstitution Volume 69: SAISON

I didn’t realize it at the time, but we have actually had Saison as a theme twice before. So this was our third time celebrating what was once an illegal beer… since the original Saison brewers (Belgian farmers) were not allowed to brew outside of the cold months, and Saison is typically brewed towards the end of harvest (Summer) to quench the thirst of the hard-working farmhands.

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Beerstitution Volume 66: CITRA HOP

One month into this off Covid-19 world, and our monthly Beerstitution is even more of a welcome break than usual. Even in the midst of 10 Zoom calls a day, and tired kids & parents abound, this little gang finds the oomph, the desire, maybe the need, to connect on a monthly basis. For that, I am very grateful. This month I decided to celebrate the great Citra Hop because I’m pretty sure I love it. Read More

Beerstitution Volume 65: FRIDGIES (Covid-19 Lockdown Edition)

It’s been an extraordinary month as the whole world has shut its doors, people have socially distanced, and every news channel discusses nothing but Covid-19. But, after 64 editions of Brsto already flushed down the proverbial toilet, the show must go on. Edition 65 is our first stay-at-home edition and was a wonderful way to be together even though we weren’t physically together.
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