Beerstitution Volume 74: MONSREGIUS

I’ve long enjoyed the many beers that this Saint-Bruno based microbrewery has been putting out, especially their IPA Omnia. I decided to celebrate them by hosting Volume 74 dedicated just to them. So far, all the beers I’ve had from this brewery have been great and since I haven’t had all of them yet, I wanted an excuse to explore s’more! It also feels like these guys fly under the radar a bit so I wanted to learn more about them and their Beer!

So for this volume, each Beerstitute chose four (4) beers of their liking and we hoped for at least a little bit of overlap between us. But either way, I recorded the scores for each and we’ve got some scores and reviews to… review!

First though, let me give you a quick look at who MonsRegius is: MonsRegius was named in tribute to the large region of the Monteregian hills that stretch from the Oka Hills to the Mont Mégantic massif. Considered as the vegetable garden of Quebec, the region is a key location for agricultural production here. One of their missions is to express this tasty richness through their products… it seems like they’re accomplishing this to me as their beers always seem so fresh! The name of the brewery is actually Mont-Royal in Latin. This is also where the name of the region comes from, the Montérégie. MonsRegius, a proudly independent brewery, is a family business project conceived by the epicurean couple formed by Véronique Givois and Martin L’Allier. Also, you can order beer and swag from their website and of course, visit their brewery boutique as well!

Also, during my research, I learned much about MonsRegius’ beer recipes, such as Beer Popsicles and Bière Chaude aux Épices! Do yourself a favour and try them out!

And now the beers!

🍻🏆 Pils: A lager inspired by Italian craft pilsners. Its expressive hopping is rich with classic spices and floral notes on an elegantgerman malts base.

DeWolf helped us all understand what Italian craft pilsners actually are (simply dry hopped whereas a regular (czech/german) pils is not) and we will now, forever, refer to him as Beer Nye. For a pilsener this is great! It’s hoppy and refreshing and goes down great.

BRSTº Rating: 4/5 (5 votes)WINNER! 🍻🏆

IPA Cuvée Extra Brut: A fruity and highly carbonated beer. A festive brew, crystal clear like a champagne. It contains no residual sugar.

Smells like Maynards! Brut = enzyme that’s used in champagnes is used on these beers & it helps the yeast eat more sugar so there remains very little residual sugar & all you got is hops, but stops brut! ABV is danger b/c it feels like a session.

BRSTº Rating: 3.85/5 (7 votes)

IPA Cuvée Brut Rosé: A fruity and highly carbonated beer. An infusion of hibiscus flowers and the addition of raspberry gives it a pink hue, its floral and fruity aroma.

Dave thinks this is a patio beer… but nobody really liked it.

BRSTº Rating: 2.75/5 (2 votes)

Panorama: A pale ale inspired by Vermont ales. Fruity hops and a brisk bitterness make it a beer for those who like wide vistas.

It’s definitely pintable as the can says… it’s good, even and… good. voila

BRSTº Rating: 3.2/5 (3 votes)

IPA Festina: An orange coloured and hazy beer. Its aroma is bright with fruity notes of citrus. Its round and soft texture is balanced by a refreshing sourness.

BRSTº Rating: 4/5 (1 vote)

IPA Festina Key Lime: A yellow colouredand hazy beer. Aroma is bright with fruity notes of hops and lime. Its round and soft texture of lactose and vanilla is balancedby a refreshing sourness.

BRSTº Rating: 4.5/5 (1 vote)

Montarvilloise: A classic styled Belgian beer with medium bitterness. Its aroma is marked with notes of fruits and herbs, with malts and honey from the monteregian hives bringing a soft and complex palate.

BRSTº Rating: 2/5 (1 vote)

Nocturna Affogato: From their series of imperial stouts – This Affogato edition of our imperial stout puts forth n harmony of seductive flavours of vanilla, cocoa, lactose and coffee.

Add a 0.5 to the score when dropping in a dollop of ice cream!

BRSTº Rating: 4/5 (2 votes)

Nocturna Fazenda Barreiro: From their series of imperial stouts – This edition features a brazilian Bourbon yellow coffee from the Fazenda Barreiro farm.Its roasting reveals notes of cola, black cherry and almond.

This may be the best stout I’ve ever had. Thick, coffee, smells like home, as well as cola and black cherry (as they say on the can).

BRSTº Rating: 5/5 (1 vote)

IPA Magna: A golden coloured and hazy beer. Its aroma is bright with notes of citrus and tropical fruits. Its round and soft texture is accompanied by a soft bitterness.

BRSTº Rating: 3.25/5 (2 votes)

So, while some beers scored slightly higher than the PILS, I declare PILS the winner since it averaged a very high score (4) with a relatively high# of votes (5).


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