Beerstitution Volume 49: HABSTITUTION

There we were, mid-November, and nary a Volume 49 in sight. With end of the year madness and Christmas looming, many of us were short in the spare time department to organize Volume 49. When the itch was too much to bare, I piped up and organized a Habstitution at St-Bock where we would gather ’round, try a bunch of beers and watch the Habs (get whalloped by the Devils it turned out) one wintery eve in November. 


Dan, Dave and I braved the chilly weather and met up at St-Bock for a wee little Beerstitution in advance of the crazy Christmas season.

There were not many notes taken, but there were many beers tried, and scores recorded in Untappd. Hence, I give you the summarized results of some of the beers we tried:

  1. Le St-Bock: Saison Houblon – Saison / Farmhouse Ale 6%
    • This was not good. It tasted like we were drinking Gorgonzola… now, maybe it’s intentional but we do not like this intention.
    • BRSTº Rating: 2/5
  2. Le Saint-Bock: Calice – American IPA 6.9%
    • Good, even, as advertised with hops and malt au boutte. I’d prefer a little more sweetness though.
    • BRSTº Rating: 3.25/5
  3. Le Saint-Bock: La Malicieuse – Cascadian Dark IPA 6.5%
    • ALL the things: milkshake, NEIPA… stout. And it has all of them. First time I’ve ever had this “style” and it is good!
    • BRSTº Rating: 4.5/5

Out of the beers we tried, even the ones not listed above, La Malicieuse was hands-down the Favourite, Surprise and Session for all three of us!

Til next time,


That Guy from Beerstitution


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