Beerstitution Volume 58: DIEU DU CIEL

Beer Ye! Beer Ye!

With many happenings abound as the summer comes to a close, we chose the Microbrasserie Dieu du ciel on Laurier in Montréal to host our 58th volume. The theme was simply – taste many offerings and vote on your favourite! Sounds easy enough… but man oh man, does DDC make a plethora of great beers!

DDC offerings

The Favourites

BRSTº WINNER: CASK – IPA Sul Pouce Vers Une Autre Extra Galaxie

Favourite of Corey, Daniel, Nick, Jones

  • This beer is outstanding – creamy, fruity, perfect IBU to accompany and a nice smooth finish.
  • I am under the impression, after searching through Untappd that this beer is and will forever be very difficult to find.
  • My favourite thing about this particular beer was when I asked the server why this cask beer was cold, and not room temperature (of which I am accustomed with cask beers)… his reply? “Parc qu’on garde au froid”, with his eyebrows raised in a quizzical manner. It was for sure the dumbest question he received all night.

Fun Fou – IPA Sure

Favourite of Kristen

  • This beer was the perfect mix of IPA and Sour. I will require this in bottled version forever thank you.

Y’a Pas de Trouble – IPA Nouvelle Vague

Favourite of Boris

  • If I remember correctly, this was not exactly an NEIPA, but kinda like that…

Solstice d’Été – Raspberry Sour Wheat Beer

Favourite of Anna

  • The perfect summer sour as far as Anna is concerned… and due to the fact that the 3 other beers mentioned above are impossible to find in any store, this beer will in fact represent V58 at Byear in Review!

‘Til next time!
That Guy from Beerstitution


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