Beerstitution Volume 63: OSHLAG

On an unseasonably warm January night, Nick, Corey, Laurent, Scully and Val said YES To Gen’s invite to visit the Oshlag brewery, take a little tour and have a little party inside the brewery! Well, let me tell you – it was awesome, eye-opening and chock full of wonderful beers!

Gen was the greatest host, having set up a great spread for us, cranking some great tunes, even hung up some party lights and had a colleague serve us beer! Granted it wasn’t all just for us Beerstitutioneers, but we felt quite special! The tour we went on was the highlight for me – learning about the different equipment Oshlag has had to invest in for their specific beers (like the Glutenberg beers they brew), and how their licensing plays into their daily brewing schedule, and what the future holds.


Now onto a selection of some of the beers that Gen and her team so graciously shared with us during the event:

Miettes (Bière Au Pain)

This is a really nice hefeweizen made with old bread from La Bête a Pain. It is smooth and wonderful!

Score: 4/5

Chêne Rouge

This will go down as my favourite red ale of all time and I do not like reds! This is great though. Full smooth and almost fruity vs the malty copper I don’t enjoy in reds. Really good!

Score: 4/5


First of all this one wins for name alone! This has all the things you want in an Imperial. It is so so good! And most others agreed that this things was unreal!

Score: 4.5/5 (WINNER!) 🏆

Milkshake IPA

Vox Populi
This is the most milky shakey of the milkshake IPA’s I’ve had – it’s perfectly executed imho. For others it was too much, but for me, it’s juuust right!

Score: 4.5/5

Session Fruit Punch IPA

Vox Populi
The regular Double Fruit Punch IPA is a perennial favourite @ BRSTO, so this one obviously scores high. However, we squint an eye at its “Session” claim ar 4.4% ABV… but nonetheless, this thing is all the good of the Double but with almost half the ABV, so perfect boat beer.

Score: 4/5

THANK YOU GEN for showing us how awesome Oshlag is, what it is for you guys to handle all the other licensed breweries and for throwing a helluva party! It was so fun!

Til next time!
That Guy From Beerstitution


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