Beerstitution Volume 42: MABRASSERIE

This months instalment brought us to Mabrasserie, a beer cooperative in Rosemont.  They produce a couple of their own beers and share their space with a couple of other microbreweries as well.  Our evening took place in their tasting room, where they had a nice selection of about 30 beers for us to sample and a simple but delicious menu.  On your way out the door don’t forget to hit up their boutique to take home some of the delicious beers that are made right on site!.

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 9.37.27 AM.png

To the tasting!


Mabrasserie: Scottish Ale 3.9%

Comments: Watery, very little body, session scotch ale, let down.

Average BRSTº Rating: 1.75

“Put it in the microwave and it might taste better.” – Unknown


Mabrasserie: PILZ Tmavy 5%

Comments: A brandy undertone, it’s a BORT!

Average BRSTº Rating: 3.25

Brouhaha: Sergent Ripin 5.6%

Comments: Fruity on the nose, simple grain but subtle Brett, crisp, fresh.

Average BRSTº Rating: 3.75

“Metallic… tastes like a robot’s socks.” – Corey
“Bather beer… I could bathe in this.” – Unknown


Mabrasserie: Mandrill 6%

Comments: I could drink a dozen of those, tropical fruit vibe, the Brett is on the nose but not in the mouth

Average BRSTº Rating: 4.25

Mabrasserie: Stout Américain 4.9%

Comments: Tastes like medicine, kind of flat.

Average BRSTº Rating: 3.00


Noire & Blanche: B’Rousse Willis 4.6%

Comments: It’s not that bad… wink.

Average BRSTº Rating: 2.75

“I didn’t order this because I thought it would be good!” – Unknown

Brouhaha: Sang de Lutin 6%

Comments: Sour trees, tastes like visiting Grandma, burping bandaid, cranberry & rosemary with cinnamon, spicy cinnamon heart candies on the tongue.

Average BRSTº Rating: 3.50

Mabrasserie: Tribale Manitou Whisky 2018 11.9%

Comments: Well tempered beer, sweeter than expected.

Average BRSTº Rating: 3.25

La Succursale: Laurier IPA 6.7%

Comments: Strong candy profile.

Average BRSTº Rating: 2.50

“Was Laurier a diabetic?” – Unknown

And the winner is…

Best in Show: Mabrasserie’s Mandrill!

Session: Mabrasserie’s Mandrill!

Surprise: Brouhaha’s Sang de Lutin

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 10.16.54 AM

Til next time



That Guy From Beerstitution


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