Beerstitution Volume 39: ISLE DE GARDE

Beer Ye! Beer Ye!

First of all, happy new year ! As we were all to tired from the holidays to host, we met up at the amazing Isle de Garde (if you don’t know this place, please go) for our 39th Beerstitution.

isle de garde

Theme & Venue:

  • Isle de Garde: A fine brewery in Rosemont-La petite patrie, walking distance from Metro Beaubien. They opened 3 years ago and are super popular. They have their own beer but also more than 20 microbrewery beers which makes us happy. PS The food is also delicious.
  • No theme, we are wild. We chose six beers to try and let me tell you their flights were big!

Beerstitutes Present:

  • Corey
  • Dan
  • Kristen
  • Valerie
  • Anna
  • Dave
  • Skully
  • Nick

The Beers:

beer flights

Gose du Baron – Brasserie du Bas-Canada – Sour Gose [Dave]

  • Floral – a bit like Jasmin, perfume like
  • Soapy
  • It’s like a liquid massage
  • Smells like lady sweat – Like princess Jasmine had a fight with Raja, naked. – Dan

BRSTº Rating: 2.7/5

Rustique – Dunham – Saison [Dan]

  • It has a cigarette feel – Kristen

BRSTº Rating: 3.7/5

Santa Muerte – Isle de Garde & Cactus de Vito – Saison [Anna]

  • Cherry taste
  • You need to scream with your thickest accent SANTA MUERTE to truly enjoy the taste

BRSTº Rating: 3/5

Oud Bruin – Les Trois Mousquetaires – Brown Ale [Kristen]

  • It’s like barbecue sauce – Skully
  • I would say more like Tamarin – Kristen

BRSTº Rating:  3.3/5

Tupuli Sahti – Brasserie Bellechasse – Bread yeast / Cedar / Juniper [Skully]

  • Delightful candy – Kristen
  • It seems to be watered down – Corey
  • A hint of maple syrup – Val
  • And this is the face you make when you drink it – photo credit Kristen

BRSTº Rating: 2.1/5


L’étrange stout de Monsieur Chest – Isle de Garde & les Gueux – Foreign extra stout [Val]

  • Reference to a Nightmare Before Christmas (in French it’s L’étrange Noel de Monsieur Jack) – Val
  • Bort – Corey (which is a feeling of beer and porto ?)
  • Worst beer contender – Dan

BRSTº Rating: 2.4/5



Best in Show (points): Saison Rustique from Dunham ! 

Until next time!
That Gal from Beerstitution


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